Sunbird Airframe Options

Please note that all prices quoted are current guide prices, and will be confirmed at time of order. All prices include VAT.

Kit Options

Many buyers will be wanting to fit used or modified engines to the Sunbird. For that purpose we will be offering an “almost complete” aircraft kit for you to fit your own engine and instruments, or your own optional extras (see below).

Fully Painted Completed Airframe

Airframe fully built with folding wings, all wing and tail-plane controls surfaces fitted, with all controls to stick, flaps and flaperon mixer, rudder and nose-wheel controls, undercarriage bow fitted and noseleg with carbon fork. Includes unmodified engine cowls for you to modify as necessary. Excludes items in the options list such as canopy, engine and mount, related cockpit controls, prop, all engine and flight instruments and all wheels /brake systems. 

Comes fully painted in our choice of all-white 2-part epoxy paints, at least 2 or more coats of primer/ undercoat and 2 to 3 coats of tough top coat. Our paintwork is all hand done, and fine sanded after each coat to give a bright smooth finish that is very smooth and very tough . Photo examples of our paintwork is shown in our gallery. You add any custom colour paint artwork, decals and  registration marks.

Choose any extras you wish from the list below. We can supply some items necessary to fit your engine, such as some engine mounts and modified cowls. Extras include canopy choice, wheel and brake kits, engine mounts, etc.

We anticipate this will be a popular version as the main jobs left are essentially fitting your choice of power plant and instruments. Get a plane worth around 35k for far less.

      Anticipated Price.......Around 22,000

Completed with Engine Fitted

We hope to be offering the Sunbird with the Hirth F23 engine fitted with mount and modified cowls in the near future.  All engine controls and related instruments fitted. You will still need to fit your own prop, flight instruments, other cockpit items, register and add decals, bespoke work etc. and choose relevant extras below.

      Anticipated Price.......Around 35,000

We will no longer be be able to offer completed aircraft with Rotax 582 engines.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS  (subject to availability)

Open cockpit fitted windscreen, seatback and baggage bay cover w/ headrest  ..... 400

Full canopy, choice of opening side, with handle, hinges and latches, fitted  ....... 1000

Black Max Main Wheels with hydraulic caliper stick mounted brake,  fitted ......  700.*

Nosewheel, TBA

Steel Engine mount,  for Rotax 447 / 462 / 503 (please specify),  ..... 250

Steel Engine mount for Rotax 532 / 582  ..... Contact Us

Steel engine mount for Hirth F23  ..... TBA

Aluminium Instrument Panel, 1mm thick, cut to shape only, You fit and finish ..... 40

Extra for Modified Engine Cowls for your engine (at time of order only) ..... Contact Us

Winglets:  May follow if sufficient demand...... TBA

* Subject to availability

Sunbird Engine Options

We currently recommend engines around 40 to 55 HP, and from 35kg up to maximum 50 kg. Much depends on the CG of the engine, so if intending to fit engines above 45kg or an engine not listed here, please get in contact with us. We also can not recommend any engine and prop combination that will give a level cruise speed of over 100 knots, not least because that may raise concerns with the CAA. Remember also the stated maximum speed in gusts and the never exceed speed.

Below is a summary of engine install requirements, full details with drawings will be available with purchase.

ROTAX 447 and 503.

We are currently looking at whether there will be sufficient cooling available for these engines by way of venting the hot air out of the cowling. They remain possible options, although modifications to the cowling will be needed.


This engine is currently regarded as a suitable engine for the Sunbird.  Being water cooled, necessary radiators need to be located either outside the engine cowl near the noseleg, or inset wholly/ partly in the bottom of the cowl. Gearbox “B” only.

ROTAX 532 /582

These engines are likely to provide top-end performance. We have made small modifications to the design to allow these engines to fit with cylinders upright, rather than inverted, as previously stated. Being  water cooled versions, they also need placement of the coolant radiators as per the 462 above. Gearbox “B” only.


This engine has its free air-cooled piston cylinders protruding outside the engine cowls. We will shortly be able to supply modified engine cowls for this engine. Please contact us if this is your engine of choice.

B&S VANGUARD model 38

This engine is currently a possible option as considerable modification to engine cowls will be required. Please note that some V-Twin engines are likely to be too big and heavy for the Sunbird, so contact us first


Please contact us...


For all listed engines so far, the maximum prop diameter is 56 to 58 inch, depending on the engine due to varying prop hub positions. It may be necessary to fit a 3-blade prop. in some cases. We can advise buyers about prop matching, for free..

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