Sunbird Airframe Options

Most buyers will be wanting to fit pre-used or modified engines to the Sunbird. For that purpose we will be supplying a range of  “almost complete” aircraft kits for you to fit your own engine. We intend to make it as easy for you to finish your aircraft by suppling most things necessary to quickly and easily get airborne. For those wanting to save money and with some DIY skills, we will also offer a “base” airframe option.

Please note that all prices quoted are current guide prices, and will be confirmed at time of order. All prices include VAT. We will not be taking any orders until later this year.

Base option, Completed Airframe only

Airframe fully built with folding wings, all wing and tail-plane controls surfaces fitted, with all controls to stick, flaps and flaperon mixer, rudder and nose-wheel controls, undercarriage bow fitted and noseleg with carbon fork. Includes un-modified engine cowls for you to modify as necessary. Excludes wheels, brakes, canopy, engine cowls, engine and all cockpit controls, prop, any instruments and other ancillary items. Not painted. You do all the necessary finishing/ sanding jobs to to allow a good paint finish, and do the whole paintwork. You finish with any custom colour artwork paint or decals and any other work or items deemed necessary. We can supply some items necessary to fit your engine, such as some engine mounts and modified cowls. Extras include canopy choice, wheel and brake kits. This is the choice if you have time to do the sanding yourself, and then either save more money by self painting, or get a pro spray-paint job.

      Anticipated Price....... 18,000

Fully Painted Completed Airframe

As per base kit, but fully painted in our choice of all-white 2-part epoxy paints, usually at least 2 coats of primer/ undercoat and 2 to 3 coats of tough top coat. Our paintwork is all hand done, and fine sanded after each coat to give a bright smooth finish that is very smooth and very tough . Photo examples of our paintwork is shown in our gallery. All roller-on and v. fine w&d sanding and polishing. Your choice of extras applies, as above. We anticipate this will be by far the most popular version as the main jobs left are fitting your choice of power plant and instruments. Get a plane worth around 30k for far less.

      Anticipated Price....... 20,500

Completed with Engine Fitted

We may in the future choose to offer the Sunbird with the Hirth F23 engine fitted. You will still need to fit your own prop, register and add decals.

      Anticipated Price....... 32,000.


EXTRAS (Optional, order with your airframe version)

Open cockpit fitted windscreen, seatback bay cover w/ headrest and head protection  ..... TBA

Full canopy, choice of opening side, with handle, hinges and latches, fitted  ....... 800

Black Max Main Wheels with Hydraulic caliper Hand operated brake, fitted ......  700.

Rotax 447 / 462 / 503 Steel Engine mount (please specify), fitted ..... TBA

Rotax 532 / 582 Steel Engine mount ..... Contact Us

Hirth F23 engine mount ..... TBA

Aluminium Instrument Panel, 1mm thick, cut to shape only, You fit and finish ..... 50

Extra for Modified Engine Cowls for your engine (at time of order only) ..... Contact Us

Saddle for Fold-back wings ..... TBA

Winglets  May follow if sufficient demand...... TBA

Sunbird Engine Options

We currently recommend engines around 40 to 55 HP, and from 35kg up to maximum 50 kg. Much depends on the CG of the engine, so if intending to fit above 45kg or an engine not listed here, please get in contact with us. We also can not recommend any engine and prop combination that will give a level cruise speed of over 100 knots, not least because that may raise concerns with the CAA. Remember also the stated maximum speed in gusts and the never exceed speed.

Below is a summary of engine install requirements, full details with drawings will be available with purchase.

ROTAX 447 and 503.

These engines fit inside the cowls with the exception of the exhaust and carburettors, in an upright position. Gearbox “B” only. The starter motor must be the side-mounted, belt driven M5 type, as the Rotax starter will likely not fit past the noseleg. The exhaust manifold passes outside the cowl on the right hand side, and the straight back version is required. Both these engines are fan cooled, with the hot air escaping out a slot in the top of the upper cowl. On either the single or twin carb versions, holes need to be cut in the side of the cowl(s), partially for the carb body, then wholly for the air filter(s). The prop flange sits about an inch forward and about centrally of the nose cowls. 


This engine is thought likely to fit upright, albeit with prop hub slightly further forward than a 503, and will  fit easily inverted. Being water cooled, necessary radiators need to be located either outside the engine cowl near the noseleg, or inset wholly/ partly in the bottom of the cowl. Gearbox “B” only.

ROTAX 532 /582

These engines, due to their extra length, are best fitted inverted in order to keep the keep the prop hub in the correct place and CG back. They also need placement of the coolant radiators like the Rotax 462 above. Gearbox “B” only.


This engine has its free air-cooled piston cylinders protruding outside the engine cowls. We will shortly be able to supply modified engine cowls for this engine. We hope to be able to supply this in the future. Please contact us if this is your engine of choice.

B&S VANGUARD model 38

This 4-stroke tuned engine will can be fitted upright onto a simple flatbed engine mount fitted to hard-mounts on the firewall. The bottom of the engine projects partially beyond the front of the lower cowl which will need slight modification.

Please note that other V-Twin engines are likely to be too big and heavy for the Sunbird - Contact Us


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