"Sunbird" SSDR

The “Sunbird mk 1” SSDR Microlight

Please Note that the Mark 1 is due to be updated to the Mark 2 version shortly.

The Sunbird Mk1 is an all composite low wing semi-sporty SSDR designed with safety as a priority. The main design criteria for this aircraft was good all-round attributes, excellent low speed characteristics for short runways, yet with great touring capability. Even though it was not our intention to design a hot-ship  the performance is highly respectable. We think we have struck the right balance.

The wide cockpit (62cm) is exceptional and provides space and comfort. The wings can completely removed for stowage. The stabilizer is also removable. Completed aircraft can be fitted with the Hirth F23 (50 HP) or rotary 4 stroke Aixro XF40  (35HP). Analogue instruments are fitted as standard. It comes with a 2d curved canopy providing great visibility. The wings are removeable to allow it to be put in a trailer or reduce hangar costs.

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Sunbird Mk 1 Aug15

Sunbird Mk1 Design Specifications

Please Note that the Mark 1 is due to be further upgraded to the Mark 2. Full details of this new version will be announced later this year.

The Sunbird (Mark 1) has been upgraded since the launch a few years ago.  The current design MTOW is 270kg. The empty weight, with Aixro XF40, is slightly under 120kg. The Payload is an amazing 150kg, thanks to its lightweight yet strong composite construction. Maximum pilot weight is 105kg.

It has a 25 litre nosetank together with two additional 12 litre wing  tanks. That gives this aircraft great endurance/range. There is under-seat stowage amounting to 20 litres volume /10kg in weight, with a further 5kg behind the seat.

The controls are all pushrod with the exception of the rudder (cables), and the nosewheel is also steerable (push right = turn right).

Wing Span: 6.5m. Wing Area: 7.9 sqm, Length: 4.75m. Cockpit Width: 0.62m. Weight with Aixro XF40 engine, 120 kg. Weight with Hirth F23, around 129kg (payload 141kg).

Design Stress:- +4g/-2g Limit loads (+6g/-3g Ultimate)


Stall Speed (flaps):- under 35 knots.

Cruise Speed (35hp - 50hp):- Depends on engine and prop. Please Contact Us.

Design Vne: 114 knots. Dive speed Vd: 127 knots

Potential Endurance (4 Stroke Aixro XF40):  Up to 7 hours 

Potential engines and props (25kg to 36kg approx): -

4 Strokes:- Aixro XF40 rotary (our preferred standard engine). This engine, which is installed in the prototype, is water cooled. We have fitted two radiators, one either side of the engine (optional small cockpit radiator as extra). The engine comes with a 2.5 to 1 belt reduction unit as standard and develops 35hp at 6500prm (limited to max 7000rpm). There is an option for a 3.0 to 1 belt drive. Lubrication is by 2 stoke oil mix in unleaded fuel at 50 to 1. Fuel burn is 6 to 8 litres/ hour.

2 Strokes:- Hirth F23. This engine should fit with a modified cowl.


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