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The “Safari” SSDR  Microlight

NEW all Composite version....

The original highwing tube and fabric SSDR design is to be replaced by a new, all composite aircraft. It incorporates the already proven composite wing technology taken from the Arrow, and the slightly modified fuselage/tail design taken from the Sunbird. It therefore benefits from the popular curvy lines of the Sunbird in a highwing format, and will have an excellent all-round performance. A promising tourer with great short field performance, range and payload.

The prototype build should be completed by the autumn.. First pictures shown below....


Safari “C” Design Specifications

The Safari is of composite sandwich construction. The highwing design will incorporate a single strut as previously developed on the Arrow. The fuselage and tailplane is similar to that used on the Sunbird.

The controls are all pushrod with the exception of the rudder. Steerable nosewheel.

Wing Span: 7.2m. Wing Area: 8.7 sqm Length: 4.75m. Cockpit Width: 0.64m.

Empty weight (excluding engine): around 92kg. Weight with Aixro XF40 engine, 119kg approx.

Design AUW: 275 kg. Payload: 158 kg.

Pilot weight: 55-105 kg. Fuel capacity: 40 litres in wing tanks. Bags: 15kg in large bay behind seat, plus up to 10kg under seat.

Design Stress:- +4g/-2g Limit, (+6g/-3g Ultimate)


Stall Speed (flaps): Around 34 knots. Stall (clean): 40 knots Climb rate: 600-1000fpm

Approach speed (flaps); 40 to 45knots. Minimum takeoff speed: 38 knots

Cruise Speed:- around 80 knots (depends on engine/prop combination). Max Speed:- 90 knots

Speed in Gusts: 77 knots Vne: 129 mph. Flap limiting speed: 68 knots

Potential Endurance / Range: Up to 6 hours / 550 miles.

Engines (approx. 20kg to 50kg ): -

Aixro XF40 (4 stroke) - our preferred standard engine, as fitted to the prototype..

Other possibles; Hirth F23, Briggs 4 stroke variants and various others.

We are looking at potential electric engines. The narrow nose would suit future electric powered versions. We continue to wait on product development.


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