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C.M. Microlights of Norfolk, UK, were until recently engaged in the design and development of light aircraft for the Single Seat De-Regulated (SSDR) category.

Since 2008 we have designed and built several SSDR prototype aircraft. The tube and fabric version of the SAFARI was designed to the original 115kg (empty) rules. We also started work on the all composite SUNBIRD at an early stage. However, the upgrading of the rules in 2014 to 300kg (gross weight) led us to redesign the SUNBIRD to the new weight category. In 2015 we also announced we were building a new all composite SAFARI highwing, which is now close to completion.

Innovation and Design....

We have over the years acquired extensive software covering the fields of aerodynamics, airloads, performance, stability, all kinds of engineering applications and CAD design. We have also developed our own extensive in-house software relevant to light aircraft design and engineering, as well as composite structures including modern sandwich technology. Our aircraft are designed to exacting standards (based on BCAR Section S or CS-VLA).

The Sunbird and new Safari use a 3 layer sandwich composite constructed from glassfibre or carbon cloth with aircraft quality Airex foams and epoxy resins throughout the entire airframe. This ensures superior skin stiffness and strength coupled with amazing lightness that is hard to match. These techniques are expensive and are generally only used in quality multi-seat composite aircraft like the acclaimed Europa, but give incredible strength to weight results. And the payload to empty weight ratio is unbeatable. Unlike metal, small damages are very easy to repair, and unlike wood, composite is strong and extremely durable.

We remain at the leading-edge of ultra lightweight yet affordable composite aircraft design.

Latest News....

In August 2017 we decided to withdraw going into production for the Sunbird and Safari aircraft. This was due to the high cost of manufacture and a diminishing maket. We will review this decision from time to time.

Some of our prototypes will be coming up for sale in the near future. Anyone interested, please contact us...

Meanwhile, we are working on potential new ideas.....

Sunbird Aug15 sideview

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